Saturday, October 16, 2010
Dear Friends of Goodness to Go and the Sherman-Hamilton Family,

Welcome to our Goodness To Go blog chronicling the journeys of Dr. Fran Hamilton, Mark Sherman, and our daughter, Grace Shanti Sherman.

The Launch Before Our Take-Off
In ten days, Grace, Mark, and I fly for the first time as a family to Calcutta, (Kolkata) India. Malaria medication has been purchased and packing has begun. We are launching our Goodness To Go blog tonight because many regard this as an auspicious time to initiate new projects. For the past nine nights of Navaratri, Indians have been celebrating universal creative energy in the form of three goddesses. Tonight is Dasara, a culmination of offerings to Saraswati who represents the power of creation, intelligence, knowledge, inspiration, wisdom, music, and eloquence.
Yes, we have concerns
One prayer offered during the Navaratri celebration says, “O Durga, dispeller of poverty, pain, and fear, your compassionate heart always works for the upliftment of all.” She’s a mighty force to invoke as we begin this journey. Recently Grace has been acknowledging some of her fears about our upcoming odyssey. Understandably, we’re all concerned about mosquito-borne disease, especially since Grace is a mosquito magnet. Dengue fever is at a 20 year high in India, is spreading at an alarming rate, and has no treatment. Malaria is also rampant. Grace is emotionally and energetically a very sensitive being who has a sense of the extreme poverty that she will encounter. These may be some of the reasons that she softly said recently, “Mommy, sure I’d like to see my birthplace…but only for a minute. Then I want to leave.”

Last month, when a lovely new friend asked, “Are you excited about going to Calcutta?”, I unexpectedly burst into […]